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Last places added
from 0€
Le Pressoir
11 4
This lodging contains 4 rooms can accommodate 11 people in total.
The minimum price is 0 euros.
television | wifi
from 380€
La Maison D'Huguette
This lodging can contain up to 4 peoples.
The minimum price is 380 euros.
lave-vaisselle | free management
from 0€
appartement vue sur la montagne
This lodging can contain up to 4 peoples.
The minimum price is 0 euros.
from 50€
Hôtel Riom : Le Moulin des Gardelles
This lodging can contain up to 20 peoples.
The minimum price is 50 euros.
disabled access | pets allowed
from 75€
location mobil home camping 4**** 6/8 personnes
This lodging can contain up to 8 peoples.
The minimum price is 75 euros.
1 mobile-home | swimming pool | pets allowed | grocery
more than a directory of vacation rental
Have you ever counted the number of sites you visit in order to prepare your holidays? One or more sites of vacation rentals, those of the local tourist offices, possibly that of the city for more technical information and other consultations to find activities close to your rental for your holiday deal.

Mapping in the heart of the user experience
Each activity has shown a marker on a map. This system allows the user to easily locate in space. On the other directories vacation rentals, mapping is often relegated to the background, such additional information. We here give the desired place main landmark. Therefore, all data presented require accurate geolocation. A color code is differentiating activities.
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